James’ Bike, Kit and Tip of the week

The Bike: Cube Agree C62 Model £1800.00

The Cube Agree is a smart mix between an endurance and hill capable bike. It has real world geometry, which means it has a good balance comfort and performance, making it appealing for all types of cyclists.

Cube Agree

It’s equipped with compact gearing and hydraulic disc brakes, making it ideal for hill climbs and the descents.

Cube have removed the idea of standard quick release and have moved forward to an X12 through axel system on the front and rear, giving the rider far more stability through braking from the extra added strain of disc brakes.

Another benefit with Cube road bikes, you tend to bag yourself a reasonable stock wheel set and on this occasion it’s a fulcrum racing wheel set which are a very good standard of wheel, paired with continental grand sports race tyres.

This is by far my favourite bike that I have seen from Cube this year, which is at a extremely reasonable price given the quality and specifications.

Bike Comfort: *** Specification: **** Value for money: **** Performance: ***

Overall Rating: 4/5

This bike is ideal for: Endurance and Sportive riders looking for a balance of both speed and comfort. There is also the C62 Pro model for those who are competing in British cycling races.

The Kit: Funkier Jersey Rideline £30.00 Jersey

Using geometric patterns, it’s a very trendy and modern jersey. Although it doesn’t have laser cut sleeves, the cut of the sleeves are high quality and very comfortable.

I would recommend this jersey for the club and sportive rider alike, as the cut of the jersey is a little more forgiving for those who enjoy a pint or two after their ride.

And at £30.00 it’s fantastic value for money! 

Tip of the week:

If you’re looking to purchase a new road bike, it’s important to consider stack and reach measurements, as you can make a more comfortable transition from your old bike to new. This is due to manufacturers using different ways of measuring angles of the bike, depending on the bikes purpose, rendering top tube measurements unreliable.

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