Preparing your bike for the Winter

In the popular tv show Game of Thrones, nearly every episode features the new famous quote ‘Winter is coming’ and it’s safe to say, that Winter is definitely here!

There are certain precautions you need to take into account when it comes to your bicycle during the winter months and our helpful tips should get you through the cold season and maintain your bike so that is survives the harsher conditions.

Keep your bike clean

This is a must when it comes to cycling during the winter. With added grit and salt on the roads to avoid ice, it’s vital that you keep your bike as clean as you can to neutralise any chances of your frame getting corrosion from the substances on the road which will cause it to rust.

With the wetter conditions, it’s easy for your bike to get covered in mud and in places that aren’t easy to see on the eye. We would recommend a regular bath for your chain to keep it clean and a good degrease will do the job.

Top Tip: If you are using a power hose on your bike, be sure not to point it directly at any component to avoid damage.


When it starts to get dark at around 4pm/5pm it’s vital that you have the best lighting possible so that you are visible on the road and the road ahead is visible for you.

We would also recommend always carrying a spare light in case the one you have stops working for whatever reason. It’s better to have a spare than to end up with no lights at all!

Puncture Preperation

There is more debris on the roads and higher risks of punctures during the winter months, so it’s essential that you are prepared for punctures and do all you can to help prevent them.

Keep your puncture repair kit handy at all time and just simple checks on a daily basis all help towards avoiding a dreaded puncture. Keep checking the PSI of your tyres and make sure they are pumped up to the right amount before every ride.


Lets be honest, not everyone is a fan of mudguards, but if you want to help keep your bike clean and do all you can to block any dirt and grime getting into your bike, then mudguards are a fantastic addition.

On the wettest of days, mudguards will even help prevent the spray from the road going on both you and your fellow cyclists!

Useful Products



Muc Off Cleaner

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Disc Brake Cleaner

Hi Vis Clothing

If you want to contact the team for some advice on preparing your bike for Winter, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help out.


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