Choosing the right bike for you

Whether you are a casual hobby cyclist or experienced road biker, being armed with the right knowledge on what type of bike to choose can never be a bad thing. With cycling now booming into popularity, let’s look at the various options and price points available in today’s thriving bicycle market!

You firstly need to ask yourself what type of cycling you will be doing, if you are cycling for transport to work or any regular point to point location we would recommend a hybrid bike. This gives you the qualities and comfort over variable terrain, making it the ideal choice for a commute and regular use.

If you were planning on using your new bike for leisure purposes such as cycle lanes and coastal routes then we could suggest checking out a cross and gravel bike or an endurance road bike. This is because they give you both performance and comfort in the saddle. Ideal for those looking to get some speed but not wanting an out and out road bike.

If you are looking for more of a competitive edge when hitting the road, then we would highly recommend checking out the road and race bike ranges. These bikes are built for performance on the road and are designed to make you go harder and faster in the saddle.

Rule number one when it comes to buying a new bike, is buy the best you can afford, this will ultimately result in the best possible investment in regards to build quality, longevity and ongoing warranty and support with the bike. We would recommend any adult bikes lowest budget should be between £300 – £500 with commuting or general transport use.

Nothing can beat getting advice straight from your local bike store, we can assist you on making the right decision, there is nothing more assuring than sitting on a bike and giving it a test ride!

See you in store!

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