What are Minor Cosmetics?

Here at Partridge Cycles we have a huge range of bicycles for sale, from brand new bikes, second hand bikes and bikes with Minor Cosmetics.

Now you’re probably thinking what does the term ‘Minor Cosmetics’ mean and how does it effect the bike?

Minor Cosmetics simply means that the bike has incurred some sort of small non-structural damage. This damage usually occurs during transit, when the bike is being shipped to the supplier from its origin factory.

This small damage usually consists of scratches or chips in the frame, which doesn’t effect the mechanics or the quality of the bike.

Here are some examples of Minor Cosmetics:

With these kinds of marks located on the bikes, it means that the bikes are reduced significantly (depending on the extent of the Minor Cosmetics) but you are still getting a product that is mechanically sound and ready to ride.

With these sorts of Minor Cosmetics, we will do all we can to touch up any marks or make good anything where we can.

Minor Cosmetics Workshop

Our expert team in the workshop will work towards amending any cosmetic damage where possible and also carry out a full inspection of the bike so that it is in the best condition possible for you.

Any minor cosmetic bikes carry a manufacturers warranty and you are also still entitled to a first free service within 8 weeks of the purchase date.

You can enquire about Minor Cosmetic bikes via our website, and we will send you through images of exactly what cosmetic damage there is or alternatively you can call us on 01392 833 303 for any further information required.

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