Your Giant 2018 Guide – Road and Race


The TCR Advanced series are road bikes built for performance. They are lightweight, agile and are all made from Giant’s Advanced Grade Composite
material with a racing geometry. Some come with disc brake technology and they have been designed to provide the best stiffness to weight ratio on the market.

Models: Advanced, Advanced SL, Advanced Pro, Advanced Pro Disc, Advanced SL Disc

TCR Advanced 1 Disc 2018


The Giant Propel is all about aero dynamic performance and every aspect of the Propels frames are has been designed to deliver unmatched aero performance.

With exclusive Disc brake Propels introduced for the first time, the Propel is the ultimate aero road machine.

Models: Advanced SL Disc, Advanced Pro Disc, Advanced Disc, Advanced SL, Advanced Pro, Advanced

Propel Advanced Pro 2 2018


The Defy is a carbon fibre road bike that is designed to be more comfortable for the rider in the saddle on the longest of rides without sacrificing any speed in the process.

With shorter top tubes and a taller head tube that a TCR, the rider has a more comfortable and relaxed ride position from start to finish and all the Defy bikes include disc brake technology.

Models: Defy Advanced, Defy Advanced Pro, Defy SL

Defy Advanced 1 2018CONTEND

The Contend range offers a high quality ALUXX aluminium grade frame that are built with similar geometries to a Defy, so they offer a comfortable and relaxed riding position.

The come complete with D-Fuse seatposts that reduce vibration from the roads and tapered head tubes to provide more accurate steering. The Contend also has Disc brake models available.

Models:  Contend, Contend SL, Contend SL Disc

Contend SL 2 Disc 2018


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