Oxford Aqua V12 Backpack Review

Oxford Aqua V12 Backpack – Reviewed by Gary at Partridge Cycles

I commute 5 miles each way, meaning I’m exposed to the elements long enough for any rain or moisture to soak in. At the moment I also have to ride through roadworks, meaning that the bag will receive plenty of muddy spray.

The bag feels good on the back, but being a smaller bag with no rigid back to it, you do need to pack it sensibly, ensuring it sits properly on your back.

It’s also very visible in bright fluo yellow with reflective strips and silver sides – no one will miss you! It also has a little strap to the front allowing attachment of a light – handy if you like to be completely lit up like I do.

The shoulder straps are well padded and easy to adjust. You also get a chest strap just to make it more secure. One downside is the bag doesn’t have a hanging loop like rucksacks would (and which is included on the v20 version).

The material is very thick and wipes clean easily – I’m confident it will last for many years.

I would be happy to recommend this bag to anyone looking for a sensible sized bag for commuting, general riding or even short touring trips. It would also handle off road riding, but with no waist strap you will find it bounces around on the really rough stuff! If you need a little more space, there is also a larger 20 litre version available.


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