Moon Meteor X Auto & Crescent Front & Rear lights Review


Moon Meteor X Auto Front light RRP £32.99
Moon Crescent Rear Light RRP £21.99

Reviewed By James at Partridge Cycles

At first glance:

The new design of the meteor X unit is much easier on the eye in its sleek compact design. Its shape allows for a much wider visibility spectrum from traffic and with a slight peak try’s to prevent that blinding head on beam.

The designers at Moon have seemed to have thought of everything? It attaches to the handlebar with a universal fitting which should work with a variety of different bar types including aero! As for the rear Crescent light this is more familiar as it doesn’t seem to have changed at all from previous years, but why should it, its 180′ visibility is a brilliant design and the long shape makes it aesthetically easy on the eye. Mounts for the rear come as a belt/bag clip and the rather simple but effective multi-adaptable elastic quick release mount.

Ease of use:

With the usual double tap to select between both flashing or steady beams, adding the new feature of the auto mode by just holding down the button for three seconds is child’s play. Especially with an easy to understand LED display to signify what mode and battery life available. All mounts are easy and simple to apply and to remove without fuss so great for commuters and recreational cyclist alike!

On the field:

In action, I noticed that on auto mode the light sensor isn’t as sensitive as I would like it to be, so for all those commuting into subsiding light, I would suggest that you switch to manual. All this aside the auto feature has some amazing benefits, just wave you hand above the sensor before roundabouts and junctions to give that extra visibility, or if you are riding in and out of heavy tree cover, tunnels or generally dark environments this will be extremely helpful! Other than that, as a set of lights they are bright with a wide beam, and a really respectable battery life giving confidence to any rider!


It’s a great set of rechargeable lights for the around fifty pound mark, has great visibility, powerful for the money and easy to install. All in all, you really do get a fantastic product and what a lot of product for your money, Kudos to Moon!

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