Why we should all cycle to work

Over the last few years, there has been a real push on getting the United Kingdom on their bikes and to cycle more, whether it be for charity, a social activity or a day out with the family. In the cities across the country, there has been a particular push to get people cycling to work.

Now we know that everyone can’t cycle to work, because of many factors, but if you are one of those people who are thinking about getting on the bike early and cycling to work, here are a list of reasons why it will be beneficial to you.

Feel Happier

Spending more time outside will naturally make you happier, especially if you have a sunny morning that you can enjoy your ride in. Sunlight has scientifically been proven to boost your feel good hormone in the body, so the more time you spend outside, the happier you will feel. Also, the more daylight that you expose your body to, the better you will sleep! A study showed that the more daylight you get, the better and longer sleep you will have. So if you find yourself working in an office that isn’t giving you the daylight you need, then a cycle to work might be the best decision!

Save Money

If you’re commute to work is by car, bus or train, then it might be worth determining whether you can complete that commute on your bike. Getting to work on your bicycle means you’re going to save yourself a lot of money! If you work 5 days a week and pay £5 a day for travel, you’re spending £25 per week, which is £100 a month! By travelling to work on your bike, you will be saving yourself £1,200 per year as well as feeling fantastic physically at the same time.

Lose weight

Cycling to work is probably the best way of losing weight because your body will keep burning calories for a few hours after you have finished your cycle. Plus, you will make more of an effort to eat healthier because, lets be honest, nobody likes exercising after huge amounts of the wrong foods! With cycling to work, your giving your body a regular workout, which will considerably reduce the risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

Save the planet

If you drive to work, then have a good think whether or not you really have to get in the car in the mornings. Getting on your bike will stop those emissions from your car, so why not do your bit to help save the planet?

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