E-Bikes: What are the benefits?

Electric bicycles or E-Bikes are fast becoming one of the most popular products in the cycling sector, with more and more people opting to purchase E-Bikes across the planet. It was reported last month that there are around 200 million electric bicycles being used, with most of these being used in China.

It has been reported by the Electric Bike Worldwide Report, that by 2050 there could be 2 billion electric bikes being used globally, which is a prediction of around 84 million E-bikes being sold each year. These are some huge numbers when it comes to a product, that was once perceived as something that was for the elderly or the unfit.

So why are electric bikes getting so much attention? Here are all the benefits of owning an E-Bike.

Climbing hills easier and quicker

 Lets start with the obvious, but one of the most important factors. E-bikes effectively take the incline out of hills, which not only eliminates the gruelling hard work of the climb, thus increasing your average speed. The illusion most people have about E-bikes is that it takes minimal effort to ride one, however you still need to put in a good amount of effort to get the most effect from the motor. If you’re a cyclist that struggles with hill climbs, whether it be down to injury or another factor, an E-bike will change everything about your rides.

 Break your personal records

A hardcore road cyclist could hit around 150 miles of cycling each week, which is a phenomenal distance. However for those cyclists that will hit 15-20 miles per week, an electric bike will allow you to reach new heights and break your personal records. This means you’re cycling further, which means you’re pedalling more than ever before.


It’s no big deal when it comes to charging your battery. Most E-bike batteries will actually come off the bike and takes a simple charge into a normal socket and depending on the bike, charges can take between 2-5 hours to get it from empty to full charge. On some models, a full charge can get you 60 miles, which is a fantastic distance to get from your charge, that distance does vary depending on the terrain. So for example if you had an electric mountain bike, that distance would be reduced if you were on a trail, hitting more hills as the bike would be using more charge to counter that terrain.

It’s still a push bike

What people tend to forget is that when the battery is off on your E-bike, it’s still a pushbike. Which means you have the best of both worlds! So if you wanted to just turn your battery on to tackle the hills and then use it as a normal bike on the flats and downhill, you can!

Ideal for commuting

Electric bikes are perfect for commuting. You can travel quicker with less effort, which means if you wanted to cycle to work but didn’t want to a sweaty mess when you get there, an E-bike is what you need. A commute from Exmouth to Exeter is ideal for an E-bike, you have a dedicated cycle path, you’re max speed is 15mph and you can glide through your miles to get to work without breaking too much of  a sweat! Just remember to charge your bike before you leave!

Get over injuries

If you struggle with cycling because of an injury, or you have been advised to cycle more then an E-bike can help you massively. Without putting strain on your body, you will have assistance during your cycle and it can be a fantastic option for those who want to build towards a recovery. But the key is that with an electric bike, you still have to pedal, so you are going to be working your body, it’s not a case of you get on and it works like a motorcycle, the more effort you put in the bigger rewards your motor will give you.

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