Free Service Competition – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions f0r Free Servicing Competition

  • Servicing can only be used once a month
  • Any parts and accessories are not included in the free service
  • If competition winner has multiple bikes, they will have to register one bike to be serviced throughout the year
  • Electric Bikes can be registered for free servicing
  • Prize cannot be redeemed for any other goods or services

Competition ends September 31st

Best Cycling Routes in Devon Part 1

Lets be honest, as a cyclist, there aren’t many things better than getting on your bike, putting in some big miles while taking in some fantastic scenery. Luckily, Devon is a place that offers amazing coastal views that are perfect for those looking for those long rides with a hell of a view.

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Altura NightVision Hi-Vis Waterproof Backpack

With the weather being so unpredictable, cyclists need to have a good balance of all weather accessories. The Altura NightVision backpack is a fantastic product that is fully waterproof and has reflectivity specifically located to give you maximum exposure to drivers and other cyclists on the road.

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E-Bikes: What are the benefits?

Electric bicycles or E-Bikes are fast becoming one of the most popular products in the cycling sector, with more and more people opting to purchase E-Bikes across the planet. It was reported last month that there are around 200 million electric bicycles being used, with most of these being used in China. Continue reading “E-Bikes: What are the benefits?”

Why we should all cycle to work

Over the last few years, there has been a real push on getting the United Kingdom on their bikes and to cycle more, whether it be for charity, a social activity or a day out with the family. In the cities across the country, there has been a particular push to get people cycling to work.

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Schwalbe Lugano Tyre Review

Schwalbe Lugano at RRP £17.99 Each – Reviewed by James at Partridge Cycles

At first glance:
Schwalbe have always been prominent in the market with some top products such as the ‘Marathon Plus’ for commuters, the ‘ONE’ and the ‘Ultremo ZX’ for road cyclist and many MTB tires such as the ‘Rapid Rob’, ‘Nobby Nick’ and ‘Magic Marys’. Now with this impressive portfolio of tyres can they really make a £17.99RRP tire great? For the interests of all you reading, I am currently running these in a 700x25mm.

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Oxford Aqua V12 Backpack Review

Oxford Aqua V12 Backpack – Reviewed by Gary at Partridge Cycles

I commute 5 miles each way, meaning I’m exposed to the elements long enough for any rain or moisture to soak in. At the moment I also have to ride through roadworks, meaning that the bag will receive plenty of muddy spray.

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